Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer 2012 and school start

Another summer has come to its end and it is time to sum it up.

On Wednesday, this week, Engla started school. She is going to be all fine at the school and she has already adapted to the new environment just fine. With school, comes new responsibilities and also some bonuses. Here is her desk at home, pimped by Annelie with some knitted pen holders.

The vacation this year, was spent in Denmark and on Mallorca in Spain. In Denmark, we rented a house on a small island called Askö, on the very south of Sjaelland. With us were Annelie’s parents and the cousin Isak. Here are some pictures from the trip.

The house we rented

Denmark is full of blackberries. One night we made blackberry cake with wipped cream. Yummy!

Möns Klint.

A good 500 steps.... down and up! =)

Eliot fell a sleep as soon as we started the car. =)

Of course, we took a trip to Tivoli in Copenhagen for a day.

After Denmark, we travelled to Mallorca for a week. Yes… we were there earlier this year but we liked the hotel and the island so much we wanted to return once. Next year when Engla is in school, it will be harder to travel during middle and low seasons. Some pics here as well, maybe more to come.

On the way down to Mallorca, we flew over Askö, where we spent the  the previous week.

The kid's pool at the Sea Club

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Eliot's bad day, number 48.

When I came to the daycare centre to get the kids, I met a crying Eliot. He complained that he had pain in his fingers and showed me the three band-aids on his fingers. He never complains when he is hurt so I just joked it off but he continued to complain during the night and when we changed the band-aids for the night, we understood why he complained.

Ha scraped all the skin, down to the flesh on a few spots and even the cuticle on one finger was nowhere to be found. Well.... another bad day for the rascal Eliot. :) 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mallorca 2012

On April 20th, the family took a one-week charter to Mallorca. It was the first charter ever for the whole family and I must say, we had a lot of preconceptions before we left. Some were to be verified and some not.

The alarm clock rang 3.00 AM, after approximately 4 hours of sleep. The kids were not that happy in the early morning but as soon as they were seated in the cold car, the stayed awake all the way to the transfer bus from the Palma Airport.

We flew with Thomas Cook Airline and there was no problems with the kids. No aching ears or restlessness. Engla has flown before, all the way to Chicago so this 3½ hours trip was no problem at all and as it was the first trip for Eliot, he was excited almost all the time.

The weather was mixed. One night was very rainy and most of the first day were quite windy but also sunny. Engla, Eliot and Annelie spent the most of the time in the sun while I tried to stay in the shadows. The last two days were the best, +29°C (85°F) and sunny.

"Breakfast" on board the plane; meatballs and mushed potatoes.

The very charterish transfer bus to Port d'Alcudia.

At the hotel, the kids were welcomed by Toby, the turtle.

A welcoming swan in the bathroom.

Even though the water temperature was about 16°C (60°F), the kids wanted to try the pools right away.

I guess this is as charterish it gets. However, this was the last low-season week so it was not crowded at all.

We took a walk down to the Mediterranean Sea to check the beach in Port d'Alcudia. Even colder than in the pool but the kids loved to wade anyway.

The kids were really tired after the long trip.

On Sunday we visited the market in old Alcudia. The watch missing in the very back, is now in our possession. :)

Radishes, large as oranges.

A crane flower at the hotel.

We rented a car for two days to see the surroundings. First stop was the Cape de Fermentor, a lighthouse on the very North of Mallorca.

This tray costed 23 Euros........

...... but the coffee was good. As was the view.

The rental. Fiat Panda. Made us feel like real Mallorcans.

The island was invaded by bikers and made it less fun to drive along the serpentine roads....

Thanks for small rental car. The alleys were really narrow.

A beautiful ivy.

Almond tree

Bye-bye for this time. We'll be back! For sure! :)